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Tahoe City Tang Soo Do – Studio Profile

As presented by World Tang Soo Do Association for October, 2003

History of Studio

Dr. Tim SchroederTahoe City Tang Soo Do (TCTSD) has been a member of the World Tang Soo Do Association since 1989. It has served the North Lake Tahoe area as a home base for traditional Tang Soo Do students. It has also served as a “seeding ground” of martial arts in general. Over the years the studio has produced a solid base of dedicated, local Tang Soo Do students but there have also been quite a few students who have been in the studio long enough to get exposed to Tang Soo Do prior to moving on to other geographical locations. Therefore the history of Tahoe City Tang Soo Do expands to all parts of the world as these students continue martial art study in their new lives.

What makes your studio special?

Students at TCTSD are taught traditional Tang Soo Do Karate with attention to modern, physiologic and biomechanical concepts. In addition, the traditional concepts from the ancient theory of Ki (energy) flow are applied to martial study. There is equal attention paid to Self-Defense, Health and Self-Enhancement. The studio has been known to produce excellent fighters who have a great proficiency in a variety of self-defense methods. Even though class often includes free style sparring, there are very few injuries or adverse incidents. In fact, the student strives for rejuvenation and increased health as a result of proper controlled motion. Control is emphasized in sparring as in all aspects of life. The control of a TCTSD martial artist extends to his or her physical and mental health so that life choices lead to excellent health, high level self-defense and increased personal awareness.

Personal History of Chief Instructor:

Dr. Tim Schroeder was promoted to Sah Dan in July 2003. He has long been known in Tahoe City, California as a both a practicing chiropractor and the Chief Instructor of Tahoe City TSD. He began his martial arts study in 1972 at the age of 15 before taking a long hiatus from traditional study. Twenty years ago he began serious study again in a variety of martial arts including: Okinawa Te, Kempo, Shotokan and Jujutsu. He found his martial “doctrine” when he was introduced to Tang Soo Do in 1989. As both a chiropractor and martial artist he blends the philosophy of innate healing potential and martial art energy into both his chiropractic practice and karate studio. Tang Soo Do has proven to him on numerous occasions that being involved in traditional martial arts has great physical, social and mental benefits.

He believes that any student has the potential to learn with proper leadership and guidance. He loves to see a student achieve their personal goals in the studio and in life. He has a strong belief that martial arts are a way of life not just an opportunity to work out in the Studio. On the other hand he believes that there can be a mysterious transformation when entering and bowing in to the Dojang. “Bowing in says that the student is ready to open up to new physical and mental territories.” Dr. Schroeder loves to participate in Dae Ryun. He wrote his Masters Thesis on the ability of traditional Hyungs to rejuvenate the body and cause vitality. He enjoys examining hand to hand self-defense methods and weapon use. He takes great joy in seeing a student learn to live the warrior lifestyle.

Student Testimonials:

I’ve been learning Tang Soo Do from my instructor, Dr. Tim Schroeder for about 3 years. I’ve changed so much over the past three years because of his commitment to me an his instruction, that it is really hard for me to recall the person I was before I started. I seem to recall having a poor self-image, no confidence, clumsy, not motivated, and kind of lost in general. I still do however, remember the very first time Dr. Schroeder invited me to class. I felt very honored that he actually thought I could do karate. The friendships I have made will last for a lifetime. The lessons I have learned will also be with me for a lifetime and for all the experiences the arts have given me, now and in the future, I am very grateful. The family I have in Tang Soo do is positive, heart felt and just plain awesome. A heartfelt thank you to Dr. Schroeder for all of his time and energy teaching me in many different ways to be the best that I can be. Thanks for seeing the good in me and my ability when I can’t seem to see it myself.
– Jen Kowalka, 3rd Gup, Age 30

I love working out at Tahoe City TSD because I love always having a new goal to aim for! I feel like I have a family and I enjoy the brotherhood feeling when meeting with other studio members. I really like the special events when I get to see people from all over the place.
– Randy Dresselhaus, 2nd Dan, Age 49

I love to be at Tang Soo Do because it teaches you self-defense, which is handy on the street. I also like Tang Soo do because it makes me strong and healthy. There is another reason, Grandmaster J. C. Shin is our grandmaster and I love him. The most important thing is that it keeps me in shape.
– Ellyessa, 3rd Gup, Age 9

Tang Soo Do helps me greatly with focus and helps me with discipline. It also provides great stress relief. I feel like I am living the Matrix.
– Ken Munsterman, 10th Gup, Age 15

I have worked out at Tahoe City TSD for about 6 months and I am a 9th Gup. I joined after I saw my husband become more limber and my daughter learn control and discipline. I liked seeing my daughter learn to defend herself in the event that she might need to. I enjoy learning and participating in Tang Soo Do, even though I have a few injuries. By participating in Hyungs my body is healing quicker. My Sah Bum Nim has aided all others and me in the Dojang by using his Ki Gong and chiropractic skills should we accidentally hurt others or ourselves. His patience and guidance has taught me self control, spiritual guidance, greater spirit and heart, and the ability to persevere, no matter how tough life can be. My attitude and health have improved so greatly that many people have come up to me and asked, “Why are you so happy?” I am happy because life is good to me and by coming to class I have learned many things and have had my health continually improve. I think everyone should do this world wide, for the world would be a better place.
– Cathy Naillon 9th Gup, Age 35

My Sah Bum Nim, Dr. Tim Schroeder has helped me change my life by healing my back, thus allowing me to pursue my dream to be a martial artist. I am now able to flourish in the World Tang Soo Do Association with Dr. Schroeder’s nurturing and guidance. I am enjoying learning to be a leader by paying attention to self- control, perseverance, humility and the warrior’s work ethic. I am learning the joy of helping others achieve their personal goals. I look forward to my future growth as well s the growth of those around me.
– Jacob Naillon, 2nd Gup, Age 41

Tang Soo Do helps me in many aspects of my life from school, to sports and music. Tang Soo Do helps me with my homework for school by teaching me how to be disciplined with my work and time which helps me keep my grades up. The workouts we do every session help tech my muscles to react quickly and accurately an make me more flexible so that I will be less likely to sustain injury in soccer an cross country skiing. In the music department, tang Soo Do helps me calm myself to support the air going through my trumpet which lets me widen my airways and project my tone. Tang Soo Do has been an exciting and fun addition to my life and I look forward to it every week.
– Derek Ganong 10th Gup, Age 14







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