More Action Photos


Grandmaster Jae C. Shin visits with Dr. Schroeder at WTSDA world headquarters in Philadelphia, PA.



Dr. Schroeder with Master of Brazilian Jujustu Rorion Gracie.

Kelsey Schroeder takes a shot at her Dad’s knee.

Dae Ryun at the Dojang with Randy Dresselhaus.

Dr. Schroeder delivers Yup Cha Gi to Mr. Tom Poole.


Left to Right

Evan Kuecker accepts his World Championship Award.

Dr. Schroeder with Master of Brazilian Jujutsu Royce Gracie.


Top to Bottom

Dr. Schroeder demonstrates Kyuck Pa (breaking).

Kelsey Schroeder with her Dad.


Master John Bennett teaches American Zen Sword at the 2000 Tahoe Clinic.


Top to Bottom

Braden demonstrates Kyuck Pa.

Mr. Patrick Cerceau warms up the class in preparation for a formal test.


Left to Right

Dr. Schroeder with Kelsey, Tyler, Kiley, Braden.

Hyung demonstration at the 1995 Region 1 championships.


The group lines up for the 2000 Lake Tahoe Clinic at Bliss State Park.


Top to Bottom

Master Steve Davis applies his characteristic painful joint locks on Mr. John Maris.

Mr. Zanaan Bennett spars with Donald Lough at Kings Beach.

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