Action Photos

patrick2patrick PATRICK…

These photos were taken after injury at a test in Maui. The first one demonstrates the pain that he was in after injury. The second one is 20 minutes later after I adjusted him. Indomitable spirit and a pretty good adjustment.

sword2 swordDr. Schroeder demonstrates the Jang Gum Hyung at the WTSDA World Championships 2000.

oceanDr. Tim Schroeder, Master Jim Debaca, Mr. Roy DeLyon and Ms. Kelly Goodwin take some time to relax after the 1st WTSDA Maui Black Belt test and clinic.

bradenBraden demonstrates Kyuck Pa with Yup Cha Gi.

102 students and instructors lined up at the 2000 Lake Tahoe Campout and Clinic sponsored by Tahoe City Martial Arts Academy.


Mr. Jason Morvay accepts his World Championship award.

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