In the 20 years I’ve been getting chiropractic care and the dozens of chiropractors I’ve had treat me, Dr. Tim is the 1st that has not demanded X-rays before he would treat me!!
Also, I had just had an MRI a few weeks before my first appointment, he didn’t know this at the time, and was able to diagnose with his fingers what my physiatrist needed an MRI to figure out!!!!  AMAZING?! I think so!

S.G. Tahoe City, CA


Please tell Dr. Tim for me that I feel great! Before I left the office, it was noticeable how relaxed and free my shoulders, legs, neck and back felt and that feeling of relaxation and everything just feeling “right” persists. I try things but I can be a skeptic-I love it when I run into the real deal.

Wow! Thanks.

H.R. Kings Beach, CA


After a recent seizure, Dr. Schroeder fixed my neck which turned out to be out of place. The first two neck bones were not in the right position. Since the treatment the motion of my neck improved very much and my other discomforts were also gone. Thanks to Dr. Schroeder

K.T Esting, Bayen, Germany



Dr. Tim,

Thank you so much for helping me with my neck. I felt so much better. You and your wife, Sha were wonderful. I will see you next snow season. All the best.

V., San Jose, CA


Thank you so sincerely for helping me with my back. When I came to you I had been in serious pain constantly for more than 3 weeks. Moving was truly difficult and trying to sleep, even worse. I was really worried about my ability to go on our long-planned trip to Eastern Europe. Well, I’m taking a minute from the frenzy of packing, instructions to the pet sitter, canceling the newspaper etc. to tell you that I am nearly 100% pain free at this moment. I started to get better after my first visit and felt much better immediately after the second, and despite our long drive back to the Bay Area, continued to get better every day. No drugs. I am so happy! I will see you when we are back at the Lake. P.S. We leave for our trip tomorrow.

K.D. Mill Valley, CA


Dear Dr. Tim,

Thank you for the class you taught last night and for taking the time to care about my life. You are a wonderful healer and teacher and you use your gifts well. I appreciate you, Marty, Jen and your family, who in supporting you-support all of us. Thank you.

A., Big Bear, CA


When I first saw Dr. Tim and his crew I had completely lost the use of my back. Being an excavator, I needed my back for my work. Starting from ground zero the staff began to realign my back. I stretched after the injury subsided. Also the wellness care of eating, how you deal with your injury mentally and doing the preventive work before another injury occurs. I do love to feel good and healthy at work again. Once a non-believer, now a firm believer. I recommend Tahoe City Chiropractic when I believe that it could help a friend. Thank you so much Dr. Tim and your crew. I wouldn’t do what I do without you.

G., Tahoe City


I came in for a hurt rib and Dr. Tim found out about my 10 whiplashes. Since my first visit my rib is almost completely healed. I feal my vision is clearer. In the past I had physical therapy and electric stimulation…didn’t work. I joined Karate to help my pain and had 5 visits at Tahoe City Chiropractic. I had a remarkable response to his healing powers. I feel I’m now in recovery.

A.B., Kings Beach, CA


Dear Dr. Tim,

I’ve been meaning to write you for months now to thank you for the work you did on my back. You made me feel so much better! I did not have any more back problems for the rest of my pregnancy. I really appreciate you working with me to be able to afford treatment. My beautiful little girl was born and my husband and I are very happy. Thanks again.

T.C., Tahoe City, CA


Dear Dr. Tim and staff,

Thank you for your kindness and help during my “back” episode. I feel fine now and made it home to Palm Desert feeling great. You were so helpful and Dr. Tim-you’re great. Ode to chiropractic.

V.R., Palm Desert, CA


I originally sought care with Dr. Tim Schroeder because my lower back was so bad I could barely walk and I could not sit or drive or work. Now that I’m healed, I seek to maintain perfect health. In the distant past, when I had back problems, I tried traditional M.D.’s methods and Massage Therapy. Neither helped as much as Dr. Tim. I was referred by my ex-wife, Joni, plus many others. I also heard Dr. Tim speak to the Rotary Club. My initial concerns regarding Chiropractic were that it is viewed as pseudo medicine, and no basis in science, but “the proofs in the pudding”. I know that when I hurt I am a grouch, and nobody likes a grouch. Most people like me better now. When I was really hurting, I never thought I’d feel this good again. Also, my attitude in general seems more positive and happy. My business is running much smoother now. It must be the good energy I get at Dr. Tim’s. It gets magnified right through at work. I really look forward to my visits. The atmosphere in this office is always so friendly and uplifting, that I get as much charge from being there, as I do with my adjustments. Dr. Tim is truly magic. He achieves so much with so little effort and he always seems to know exactly what is needed.

R.P., Tahoe City


Dr. Tim saw my son Carson when he was just a few months old. Carson’s birth had been difficult and at the time Tim first adjusted Carson, he consistently turned his head to one side as if it hurt to turn it the other way. Carson also showed signs of low muscle tone, which was confirmed later. This meant that as he grew older, each milestone took longer to meet because he had poor motor skills. Our family (including our 7 year old son) had been patients of Dr. Tim for several years but having a baby adjusted was a new concept to me. Each adjustment however was very gentle and minimal. Carson responded well to every visit. At 9 months Carson was diagnosed with a rare chromosome abnormality. This was what was causing the low muscle tone and motor skill issues. It took him longer to learn to roll over, sit up, crawl, walk and now run but he has learned to do all of those things! He is now 2 ½ and we really credit his progress to early intervention. This would definitely include Chiropractic care! Each adjustment enables him to have better posture, balance, coordination and general over all well-being. I would highly recommend Chiropractic care to parents of all children and especially to those who appear to have physical or health limitations. The results might blow you away!

K. A. Reno, NV


During the past 6 months I have enjoyed the care of Dr Tim and his friendly office staff. I came in with chronic back pain and tightness. Dr Tim was super helpful with new exercises and general good health suggestions. Thanks to chiropractic adjustments and a regimented stretching program my back is now much better. I highly recommend Dr Tim Schroeder for your pains and ailments.

U.P., Colusa, CA


No other docs could help. I had a complete metabolic work up, physical therapy, a spinal guy, 3 epidural injections, painkillers, anti-depressants and tranquilizers. I was referred to Dr. Schroeder by my M.D. The exam process is perfect for me, especially the positive attitude, willingness to help and expertise to try and listen to everything and anything. A complete wellness program.

J.P., Carnelian Bay, CA


I sought care to alleviate chronic back, neck and knee pain as well as achieve optimum organ function. I had tried physical therapy. Locals in the area referred me to Dr. Tim. My joints feel much improved. I can work consistently without interruption. I can ski and exercise regularly. My energy level stays high when I am consistent with my care. I like the personal care that I receive. The informative format for instruction and the physical changes have convinced me to make this an integral part of my life.

B.C., North Lake Tahoe


Just a note to say “Thank You” for taking care of me when I was in Tahoe City a couple of weeks ago. I truly appreciate your kindness and professionalism. You made my vacation much brighter and happier too. I’m looking forward to visiting you all again one day soon.

FP, Thousand Oaks, CA



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