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The 33 Principles of Chiropractic

Dr. Tim Schroeder, chiropractor, presents the most down to earth and dynamic explanation of the 33 principles of Chiropractic. Using succinct metaphors for teaching, Dr. Schroeder will reveal the secrets of chiropractic philosophy and how it can be applied as a foundation for the practice of your dreams. This unique seminar can be custom tailored to the needs of your organization. Seminars are generally presented to chiropractors and or their staff members. Chiropractic students are encouraged to attend! See what others have had to say about this seminar.

The Art of Balancing Your Life

As an active person who balances career, family and variety of outside interests, Doctor Schroeder knows the benefits of balancing your life. In this presentation, he explains the importance of focus, intent and development of a personal mission statement. Increase your production with integrity and personal happiness!

Three Phase Industrial Safety

The presentations are done in three (stand-alone) phases, each taking approximately 30 minutes. You don’t need to commit to all three phases at this time. For presentations within or outside of the Lake Tahoe region please contact us for price information.

The benefits of a “mini” safety presentation to a business are many. At first glance, most business owners think of preventing injuries by complying with federal/state OSHA regulations, but there is more, much more. Here is a brief description of each individual phase:

  • Present Time Consciousness

One of the most neglected yet most important concepts to safety and productivity in the workplace is “Present-Time Consciousness.” I define present-time consciousness as being at one place, at one time, doing one thing. It’s a given that your business would be more productive if your employees were focused. The question is, How do you get your employees to be focused? The answers are found in the “Present-Time Consciousness” Presentation.

  • Stress Realization and Resolution

As a business owner or manager you know that physical and mental stress lead to poor performance and increased sick days in the workplace? Phase 2 is a powerful lecture dealing directly with the issues of how we bring stress into our lives and how reduced stress can lead to happier, healthier, more productive employees. This presentation is designed to reduce injuries and sickness and increase productivity for your business.

  • On Site Analysis

Did you know that musculoskeletal strains are the most common industrial injury in the state of California? Phase 3 is my safety presentation adapted to the needs of your workplace. The lecture and demonstration cover topics pertinent to all companies from heavy industry to office workplaces.

Here’s what other seminar attendees have had to say:

Dr. Schroeder did an excellent job with his presentation. We need this type of philosophy.

Dr. E.B.

Tim Schroeder was fabulous.

Dr. S.P.

Tim Schroeder made science more real for the practice. He is a real warm and comfortable speaker. Very succinct with great metaphors. A good explanation for a velocity practice and great ideas for patient lectures.

Dr. D.M.

Both Doctors and CA’s will come away with a greater understanding of practice dynamics.

Dr. V.I.

Tim made the 33 principles alive.


Tim’s presentation was impactful. It just keeps getting better.

Dr. P.K.

I have to admit that I didn’t think I would be that interested and yet I knew that philosophy was weak for me. I was “spizzed” and I came home and have Stephenson open and dusted off.

Dr. B.F.

Please contact us for more information on seminars.

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